93. Rostam human scoundrel of Amir.
92. Meta human mother of Mieke.
91. ... cdpd.

90. ... cdpd.
89. Edd* gnome warlock of Sjoerd.
88. Allon human priest of Elowan of Sjoerd.
87. Stormfront half-orc fighter of Erik. Stepped out of the circle.
86. SabriŽl female kavirondo thief of Sjoerd. Killed by the dice.
85. Percival Brightblade paladin of Fiaria of Arjan.
84. Nivven Valeur Lafayette elven borderguard of Saskia. Died saving elven lives.
83. Sarlia female elven guard of Arjan. Died saving elven lives.
82. Guusje half-orc priest of Hazel of Sayanne. Eaten by Audrey.
81. Sheelba female wizard/fighter/thief of Robin. Wouldn't retreat.

80. Sveiki female elven wizard of Erik. Bravely pursued an undead.
79. Runa female Khazar thief of Mieke. "I drink the entire potion."
78. Sheelba* female wizard/fighter/thief of Robin. Don't look now.
77. Ferlon elven fighter of Tijmen. cdpd. Slipped.
76. Gerth warlock of Mieke. Never cast a single spell.
75. Viktor Atlas half-elven cartographer of Arjan (1 of 17).
74. Brittal elven non-archmage of Arjan.
73. Silmaron elven thief of Arjan.
72. Anya half-elven female soldier of Verena.
71. Falordil elven wizard of Robin. Pillaged to death.

70. Ertai human fighter of Mieke.
69. John Smith human fighter of Loedie.
68. Karel female halfling fighter of Isabelle. The massacre.
67. Guinevere female elven thief of Tessa. The massacre.
66. Elis clan Ishka female dwarven fighter of Verena. The massacre.
65. Silmen san Sciglia wizard of Saskia. The massacre.
64. Iola female half-elven wizard of Sandra. The massacre.
63. Galagnorak clan Blackbeard dwarven fighter of Gerben. The massacre.
62. Pugdush Gutripper half-orc fighter of Arjan. The massacre.
61. Abu Sahib wizard of Folmer.

60. MacAurora elven thief/priest of Hazel of Arjan.
59. Louie wizard of Sjors. cdpd.
58. Mardim clan Klakkson dwarven priest of Moradin of Tessa. cdpd.
57. Bernharta clan Bleifeld female dwarven fighter of Tessa.
56. Glognar clan Blackbeard dwelven priest of Elowan of Gerben.
55. Lunadar elven fighter of Judith.
54. Gronk [red.: Fabian]* boar wizard of Robin, half an hour later.
53. Fabian* human wizard of Robin.
52. Retal* d-3 snoop of Arjan, died by accidentally taking iocane.
51. Gladan* winged elven fighter of Casper.

50. Suldren Snulbug female halfling fighter of Isabelle.
49. Parlassi Tumblefoot halfling thief of Tessa.
48. Arda Wajzr gnome fighter of Jan. Living Greyhawk.
47. Hakkinen von Vaupel Klein dwarven thief of Gerben.
46. Algernon gnome thief/wizard of Judith.
45. Jacques the Ripper halfling thief of Casper.
44. Clandor halfling priest of Hazel of Gerben.
43. Jacques the Ripper halfling thief of Casper. Killed while dead.
42. The disciple* 'fighter' of Hankoch of Folmer. Blew up 2 flagships.
41. Kylia female elven wizard of Arjen.

40. Joachim di Frisco wizard of Folmer.
39. Goran fighter of Casper. Layer of eggs.
38. Wringa pygmee priest of Wryn of Ronn.
37. Davat priest of Raman of Folmer.
36. Clannad halfling fighter of Gerben.
35. Pieter* fighter of Rogier. A sacrifice.
34. Henk fighter of Folmer.
33. Siggy clan Sputnik dwarven fighter of Ronn.
32. Odin clan Chottrok dwarven thief of Arjen.
31. Sorya female half-elven thief of Verena.

30. Galadriel elven ranger of Saskia.
29. Tagg female half-orc thief of Harald. Sacrificed by Pieter.
28. Ebeneezer Goode* fighter of Ronn. Petrified.
27. Nobody Pennik dwarven priest of Elowan of Lucas. Flightmaster.
26. Guust thief of Loedie. Blub.
25. Serina half-drow fighter/priestess of Krastona of Sacha.
24. Helmut la Fey de la Rosa dwarven outcast of Rogier. Rose-elf in Hell.
23. Justine la Fey de la Rosa female paladin of st. Tyr of Harald. Giants.
22. Griselda* halfling priestess of Sheela of Elmi.
21. Nobody Wizardbane dwarven fighter/thief of Ronn. Deaf, blind and paralyzed.

20. Arna witch of Loedie. Executed.
19. Arnold evoker of Rogier. Killed by running too fast.
18. Adam smith fighter of Folmer. "So that's what I jumped over."
17. Amergin bard of Jurre.
16. Fyodor halfling thief of Valentijn.
15. GaladriŽl female elven thief of Anne-Katrien (shared). Cats.
14. Eos* half-drow ranger of Harald.
13. Iliana* female elven fighter/mage of Nanning.
12. Nobody (lady Di, miss Demi Nors) dwarven priestess of Elowan of Rogier.
11. Doe Pennik dwarven fighter of Guido.

10. Lumpy Vrexeg gnome fighter of Hans.
09. Olly Seezesfaik gnome priest of Gnnnnai of Ruud.
08. Snedder gnome fighter/thief of Nanning.
07. Gompy gnome berserker of Vinnie.
06. Alecto female paladin of Thrynn of Harald.
05. Tavarok highlander of Kris.
04. Ctenophora priestess of Thrynn of Loedie.
03. Narvi dwarven fighter/thief of Loedie.
02. Amber female elven fighter/thief of Harald. Troll.
01. ... half-elven swashbuckler of Roland.