About the site

Q: What is this place?

A: This is the site of Kurt Dazdya Wagner. It serves as a little hub for all my projects. Look around, you might find some nice stuff.

Q: Why the looks? It's confusing.

A: The looks are important. As people say, form follows function, and the form of this site follows its function.

Q: Please explain. How does this work?

A: Ok, the site is arranged in a cube. All locations have 3 coordinates, on 3 axes: fun, art and reality. What you are doing is jumping around from corner to corner until you find what you need.

Q: That sounds unnecessarily complicated. Why?

A: How many websites have you seen? A hundred? A thousand? How many of them are built on the same design? I decided to build me something else, something that is at least unique. A small map, a model of my universe.

Q: So this is your universe? A lot of it seems to be empty.

A: Yes. I hope so. Is your universe all finished? I have a lot left to do. I even have a to do list.

Q: How do you decide what to put in here?

A: That's a tricky question, since different things are here for different reasons. Some things will clearly not change much anymore, they are here mainly for me to remember them. The spycraft part, for instance, will probably never be activated again. Then there's an archive function, for instance in my kill list. This will slowly grow, as kills happen.
The third reason to add content is my own portal. Several pages simply contain links that I use to quickly find stuff that I need, call it my personal favourites menu. It allows me to get to stuff fast, even when on other PCs.
Finally, some content is active. Several pages are being updated and growing over time. There are, for instance, the CDPD-page and the revolution blueprint.

Q: So this site is just for you?

A: Mostly, yes. I have no idea who you are, and this FAQ is all the explanation I will give you. If you wish to browse my universe, feel free. Some stuff might even be fun for you. But don't expect any functionality unless it's useful or fun for me. It's a tough world.

About asking questions

It's easy. But not yet finished.

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About me

Q: Who are you?

A: I am Kurt Dazya Wagner. I am a pretty good dungeon master, and I created this site.

Q: Dungeon master? Sounds kinky.

A: It's not what you think. Honestly. I create the storyline for a group of players in a role playing game. Multiple games actually. Most of my creative energy goes to maintaining those stories, or campaigns as they are called.

Q: Ok, suddenly sounds nerdy.

A: And it is. If you want to know more, there are several parts of this site dedicated to the game. They are in the high fun, high art and low reality pages.

Q: Art? You call roleplaying games art?

A: Yes. It's hard to explain. I look around, and I see people live in their universes. They don't even know it, but a universe that centres on football is just as fictional as one that is built around nerdy games. We all create our own little worlds, or universes, or cells, what you will. I do the same, and I pull my players along into worlds of heroes, villains, magic and adventure. These worlds over time grow very real, just as real as Arsenal's championship tales. And creating worlds that are so real, yes, that is art. It is a skill I have honed since 1991, and I have never looked back.