Crystal Dragon Presents Day

The CDPD, Crystal Dragon Presents Day, is strangely resilient. An activity that started in 2001, Nivven island continues to be threatened, saved, invaded, sexed up, irritated, ignored and oppressed by a changing group of fictional adventurers, sometimes known as mercenaries. But sometimes, fictional people, events and places can be more real than you think...

  Current rumours:

    The legend

The DM had decided to bring down the amount of magic. He wanted more control over the party. So, out of the blue sky, a dragon flew down. A crystal dragon. The party cowered a bit.
The dragon seemed rather friendly at first, but soon his motives became apparent. "Say, do you know that today is crystal dragon presents day?" Taken aback, the characters admitted that they had never heard of it. "Well, on presents day, every crystal dragon receives gifts from his friends. It's a beautiful day. Are you my friends?"

Crystal Dragon Presents Day

Fun: 1
Art: 2
Reality: 0

Silence ensued. Everybody wanted to be the dragon's friend. Nobody wanted to give it a present. But then the party spirit broke. One by one, the characters gave up a magic item to the blackmailing beast.
The last player had been thinking furiously. "Here, I have for you this beautiful wand. It's very special, for only true friends can see the special runes enscribed on it." The dragon couldn't see any runes, but didn't want to admit that. He accepted the gift, and the party walked on. Quickly.
Pleased with himself, the DM asked the last player: "What did that wand do?" By now, the player was grinning. "Well, nothing, it's just a stick I was carving."