World Cup Tactics

This page is adapted from an anonymous e-mail. Origin is unknown, but obviously very knowledgeable.

The English Plan

Depending on the wind, the strikerís position may vary...

The German Plan

Radical, efficient, unstoppable... (ballís speed may reach 297 km/h)

The Italian Plan

Iron defense, small presence in midfield, passes to striker... and... Penalty

The Brazilian Plan

No comments...

The Belgian Plan

They manage to lose the game by themselves, no help needed.

The Spanish Plan

Whereís the Spanish plan... ?

The French Plan

In a plan designed by Roger Lemerre, they try all possible hypotheses. Note the player in the midfield trying to play by himself...

The Portuguese Plan

The black dot is not the ball, itís the referee.

The Irish Plan.

Left on a flight last week.