Zo, nu eerst

Zo, nu eerst is an indoor football team from Leiden. We have participated in the 'Zijl'-league for three years, and we have already won twice and tied twice. In three years. Members of the team are listed below. Former members are Arjan, Lucas and Seppo, but they will not come to share in our glory when we fulfill our destiny.

The destiny of the team is to revolutionise football as we (will) know it. In all secrecy, we've been working on a system to win matches without effort or getting tired; eventually we won't even have to play anymore. Hence our tradition of playing at our own half. Football will never be the same.

Players Fall 2004
Cor History
Guut spr 2004
Ivo fall 2003
Koos spr 2003
Kurt fall 2002
Rutger spr 2002
Sander H fall 2001
Sander V spr 2001
Tomash fall 2000

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This team was not brought to you by Bavaria.