The Goddess

1. In the beginning the Earth was void. 2. And the Goddess looked down upon the world, and she was stricken with sadness. She cried. 3. Her tears fell upon the dry world, and the Earth bore fruit, and the animals awakened.

4. For an era, the Goddess wept. The lowland became the sea, and the valleys became the rivers. 5. But some of the animals had become men. 6. And they looked up and saw the rain for what it really was. 7. The rain was purple.

8. The men who had been animals rejoiced. 9. They worshipped the Goddess. 10. They gave her names. They sent her prayers. 11. And one day, the Goddess heard. 12. She looked down upon the dry Earth, and saw a living world blessed with beauty.

13. She stopped crying.